TWIST Red Lace Interchangeable Needle Set – SMALL (needle tips 2-8)


ChiaoGoo’s TWIST Red Lace Interchangeable 5” SMALL Set includes stainless steel needle tips ranging from 2 US to 8 US.

These are Izzy Knits favorite needles! With tips made of surgical-grade, stainless steel, they’re user-friendly to knitters who are sensitive to nickel. The red, nylon-coated, multi-strand steel TWIST cables are memory free (won’t kink) and include lifeline holes that make adding a lifeline to your project as simple as knitting across the row. 

This COMPLETE set comes in a chic, black and white compact (6” x 8” when zipped) carrying case with red trim and include 5" needle tips in US sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Also included are 3 cables to make circular sizes 24", 32", and 40".

Accessories that come with the set include 1 cable connecto, 1 set of end-stoppers (small), 2 T-shaped tightening keys, 6 each of 2 different sized stitch markers, and a sturdy 5” ruler/needle gauge.

BONUS! All ChiaoGoo TWIST (metal) and SPIN (bamboo) set components are interchangeable, including needle tips, cables and accessories, making ChiaoGoo interchangeables extremely versatile…and cost effective.

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