Tencel 5/2

Teresa Ruch Designs

  • This beautiful, 100% natural fiber yarn comes in the most vibrant of colors. Hand-painted by Teresa Ruch, Tencel 5/2 feels like silk and drapes luxuriously. It is softer and more absorbent than cotton, wrinkles less, and is very comfortable to wear. Teresa’s Tencel 5/2 is a 2-ply yarn that is very fluid, with a great hand, and an excellent drape…perfect for handwoven and hand-knit garments. Heavy lace/light fingering weight.

    One of the things that makes tencel unique is that it was specifically designed with the environment in mind. Tencel begins with cellulose which is processed with a non-toxic, recyclable dissolving agent, most of which is recycled back into the manufacturing process. Like other natural fibers, tencel is naturally biodegradable.

    Teresa's Notes: Knitting – One (1) 4oz skein is enough to knit a scarf or small shawl. A full-size shawl will require two (2) skeins. Knitting gauge is 28 sts = 4" on 4 US, but the yarn will make a lovely lace-weight scarf or shawl when knit on a 1 US needle. Weaving – One (1) 4oz skein is enough for the warp for a scarf. For the weft, you will need an additional 1/2 - 2/3 of a skein. The weaving sett below will give you a slightly warp face fabric with drape.

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