SampleIt Loom Stands


Izzy Knits has one Original Ashford 16” SampleIt Loom Stand (40cm) in stock. As of September 2020, this item will be replaced by a variable-width loom stand that will adjust to fit both the 10" [25cm] and 16" [40cm] SampleIt looms.   

This sturdy loom stand is easy to assemble and attach. Weave anytime, anywhere without a table. Adjustable loom angle and foot rest for comfortable weaving. Made in solid Silver Beech hardwood to match your SampleIt Loom.

Weight: 2.6 lbs in the box

Dimensions: 16" (40cm) Loom Stand – Approximately 18.5" wide at base x 20.25" deep x 26.75" high.

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