Rigid Heddle Looms

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  • Izzy Knits stocks the affordable and portable 24" Rigid Heddle Loom (60cm). It’s quick to warp, easy to use, and comes with everything you need to get started. It’s a great loom for those new to hand weaving and is the perfect size for creating beautiful homewares, such as placemats, table runners, hand towels, pillows and more.

    Create beautiful fabrics using just color and texture or use pick-up sticks to create additional designs. Six (6) reed options allow for weaving with very fine to chunky, textured yarns. Loom comes with a 7.5 dpi reed; other reeds sold separately.

    Made from silver beech hardwood, this loom is strong and robust, and can be used to create woven tapestries and wall hangings as well. The option of a second heddle kit for multishaft weaving gives this loom extra versatility for more experienced weavers. Pick up sticks and second heddle kits sold separately. 

    The Rigid Heddle Loom comes in three (3) additional sizes (16", 32" and 48"). Send us an email to place an order.