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Reeds for the 10" SampleIt Loom

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Izzy Knits will no longer be stocking reeds for the 10" SampleIt Loom. However, we will always be happy to assist with special orders!

Current quantities are limited.

Sizes range from the wide-spaced 2.5 dpi for chunky and novelty yarns to the extra fine 15 dpi for fingering weight and lace weight yarns. Each reed is made from strong, durable nylon with silver beech rails.

Reed Sizes

  • 2.5 dpi [10/10cm] - bulky
  • 5 dpi [20/10cm]
  • 7.5 dpi [30/10cm] - comes with loom
  • 10 dpi [40/10cm]
  • 12.5 dpi [50/10cm]
  • 15 dpi [60/10cm] - extra fine

If we're out of stock of the size you're looking for—or you're interested in another Ashford product—please contact us! We're happy to accommodate special orders.