A Weaver's Guide to Swatching

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  • Swatching makes it easy to try out your ideas risk-free and unleash your creativity in new and wonderful ways. A Weaver’s Guide to Swatching by Liz Gipson will help you tap into your inner designer and make you a better, smarter, and more joyful weaver. If you are unsure what yarn to use or how your colors will work, this method will help you gain confidence.

    This book outlines the purpose of making a swatch and how to create tiny weavings on a frame loom, specifically a Swatch Maker Loom, which comes in the setts weavers use. The information applies to any frame loom, or you can use the same method to make small weavings on the loom you already use, to test your ideas before you warp up a large project.

    Softcover, Spiral-Bound, 49 pages, Yarnworker (2017), 8.5 x 0.2 x 5.5 inches.

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