Our Values

With so many other online stores to choose from, what makes Izzy Knits special, and what makes us worthy of your patronage? After all, Amazon carries yarn, as does Jo-Ann, Purl Soho, and a bunch of other online resellers. We are not the cheapest (nor are we the most expensive), and we have not been around very long. So again, why would you choose to purchase something as intimate as yarn from our store? We hope this page answers these questions for you, and if not, please feel free to contact us.


My wife and I are passionate people and put everything we are into the projects we undertake. We do not believe in partial commitment, we do not believe in giving our customers anything but our best, and while these are easy words to say, actions speak louder…so here’s an example.

Six years ago, the idea of Izzy Knits was born, but after a missions trip to Haiti, we knew it would have to wait as we answered God’s call and devoted ourselves to helping our brothers and sisters in Haiti by taking over the leadership of our church’s Haiti ministry. Since then, we have traveled to Haiti over a dozen times, lived there for three months, and infused this special place into our family’s DNA. Our daughters have participated on many occasions, and we could not have dedicated so much time to serving there had we been in the thick of opening a yarn store here. So what changed?

As with anything, there are seasons, and as our team has grown, Susan and I have become less involved in the daily administration of the ministry. Instead, we have concentrated our time on helping our church partner of eight years in Haiti achieve self-sustainability, which is an entire story by itself. Suffice it to say, the time we gained back has allowed us to concentrate on the dream we tabled six years ago…Izzy Knits.

Now, to be fair, the fiber arts is really Susan’s passion, and she truly loves the colors, textures, and types of yarn along with the various techniques for making beautiful and modern things out of it. When we visit our distributors, I grab a seat and let Susan run off into her own ‘Wonderland’. She always returns with a huge smile and armfuls full of yarn she is just dying to put in our store. The fact that she put this dream on hold for six years often brings me to tears.

As for me, my passion is Susan, and anything which makes her this happy is something I will always get behind. Also, as a self-proclaimed ‘geek’, I love all of the technology I get to play with to bring what we love directly to you.

No, we have not been around long, but we love what we do, and we are passionate about doing it. You see, you are not just our customers; you are also a part of the fiber arts community, which is comprised of people seeking to step away from the noise of today and create something special by hand. Whether this special creation is something for you or for a loved one, being part of that process is what drives us every day. 

Giving Back:

We knew when we started down the path towards opening Izzy Knits that a main component of this adventure would be giving back to the causes we love.

As previously mentioned, we believe strongly in self-sustainability. Too often, projects are facilitated abroad with little consideration given to what will happen one, two, three years after the project is finished. Often, those who started the project never come back, and the local folks who benefited in the short run are left with a big problem in the long run.

Certainly, this is not the case all of the time, but it happens with enough frequency to be a big global problem, and it has happened far too often in Haiti. So, we are committed to donating a percentage of our annual net profit toward sustainable projects, with the first recipient being a school (K through grade 13) we are currently helping to build in Haiti.

We are happy to be able to use some of the blessings we have been given through your patronage to help others.

Game Changers:

People who are not familiar with the fiber arts often assume they are the domain of one’s grandmother, who has a needle and yarn basked next to her rocking chair at the ready to knit up a chunky sweater. Now, no offense to your grandmother, and to be sure many grandmothers fit this stereotype perfectly, but that is all it is…a stereotype.

There are many people, those of us at Izzy Knits included, who know the fiber arts (knitting, weaving, and crochet) are cool, modern, hip, and worthy of consideration by all ages. These ‘Game Changers’ are making spectacular patterns which produce gorgeous and fashionable clothing, developing creative yarn blends made out of things like tencel or peppermint, and innovative accessories to bring it all together. This group has taken an ancient craft and modernized it, while at the same time respectfully infusing the rich history of the craft into the mix.

Izzy Knits is proud to be a part of this movement, and we have curated products which we believe speak to the future of the fiber arts and the knitting, weaving, and crochet enthusiast.

Take a look around. We believe you’ll like what you see!