Our Story

"Izzy Knits began as an idea in 2012. At the time, Susan was searching for her “next act”. She wanted to do something she was passionate about, to do something creative, and to build it from scratch…whatever “it” was. Highest on her list of ideas was owning and operating a local yarn store.

Susan had learned to knit two years earlier with our daughter when it was recommended she learn the skill before transferring from public school into the Waldorf School of Orange County, where the other children were already proficient at knitting and crochet. Susan loved it…our daughter, not so much! As a result, it was Izzy, our beloved black schnoodle, who became Susan’s knitting partner. She would sit next to Susan for hours as Susan taught herself more advance knitting skills by watching how-to videos online and knitting more than 20 animals as birthday gifts for each child in our daughter’s new class.

"But then we went to Haiti in September 2012, and we met a local pastor who is determined to change Haiti from within by empowering Haiti’s youth to become its agents of change. Our lives changed forever on that trip, and we committed the next six years to helping Pastor Samuel realize his vision. Since then, we’ve made more than 15 trips to the country, lived there for one 3-month period, and are now helping Sam build a private school that will be 100% Haitian-owned and operated and will educate 1,000 students annually, provide more than 50 full-time jobs, and serve as a symbol of hope and opportunity in the community.

That’s why the idea for Izzy Knits, which was hatched early in 2012, is just now being realized in 2018. With our youngest child graduating high school in just two years, we realized it’s time to get serious about our “empty nest” years … and we can’t wait to spend them at Izzy Knits!

Izzy Knits is a virtual local yarn shop. Though we don't have a physical location, we’re just a phone call or an email away, and we’re doing everything we can to make our online store as people-friendly as possible. We've implemented several practices that engender online shopping success, including yarn/pattern matching, coordinated color collections, a generous return policy, and swatch samples so you can actually touch and see our yarns before you buy.


"As for Izzy, who inspired our shop's name and logo, we miss her greatly! She passed away just three months after we opened the shop. She was Susan's knitting companion and showered our family with unconditional love for thirteen years. Izzy, here's to you!