Our Passion Project

In 2014, our worldview was rocked when we watched the film Poverty, Inc. Prior to that, we'd spent several years in ministry, helping a church in Haiti rebuild following the devastating earthquake of 2010. Most of our aid was in the form of donated goods and financial resources, which helped, but created a dependence we never anticipated.

One sentence uttered by a Haitian entrepreneur in Poverty, Inc. completely changed our perspective:

“Nobody wants to be a beggar for life."

All of a sudden, it became incredibly clear to us that the best way for our ministry and extended network to help was not to continue funding our Haitian church partner's dependence on us, but rather, to put our collective time, talent, and treasure into creating and implementing a plan whereby our church partner could attain financial sustainability. The result? A collaborative effort of Americans and Haitians working together to build a Haitian owned-and operated, for-profit school in Torbeck, Haiti, which will educate 1,000 children annually, provide almost 70 full-time jobs, and generate enough revenue to invest back into the local community, including the funding of our partner's church and children's home.

It's a massive undertaking which is not yet compete, but we are continuing our efforts. We know education is one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty that affects, not only Haiti, but so many countries across the globe.

To learn more about the school, the impact it will have on generations of kids, and to potentially get involved, please visit one of the following websites:

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