Our Designers

We’re excited to work with the following designers, all of whom have a personal relationship with Izzy Knits. Most of these designers are local to Southern California. The rest have been introduced to us through friends and family. To each of them, we say, “Thank you!” for sharing your beautiful patterns with us.

-------- in alphabetical order --------

KIRA DULANEY is the designer behind Kira K Designs, a line of original knitting and crochet patterns with a streamlined and eminently wearable aesthetic. Her designs include garments and accessories in a wide range of sizes, featuring clean lines and intriguing details that are both interesting to make and easy to wear. Kira lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been teaching knitting and crochet classes in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Danville, and beyond. Kira’s designs are featured in our Crochet Patterns section. Fellow Izzy Knit designer Suzanne Nielsen (see below) referred Kira to us, having worked with her in the past. We’re delighted to bring them back together again in our online shop.

ARIANE GALLIZZI grew up in Switzerland in the 80’s, at a time when all Swiss children enjoyed four (4) hours of handicraft lessons in primary school each week. At school, she learned how to knit, crochet, sew, do needlepoint, weave, and more! Today, she is an avid knitter and crocheter. In 2010, when Ariane moved to the US, she found friends through a knitting/crochet meetup group. Those friends encouraged her to start designing. Currently, as she raises two small boys, she designs primarily smaller, quicker-to-finish items like cowls, shawlettes and other accessories. In her spare time, Ariane is also working towards her Master Hand Knitter certification through TKGA. Susan fell in love with the clever techniques and special touches that Ariane includes in each one of her designs. Before meeting her, for example, we’d never heard of the Navajo Knitting technique. It’s used in Ariane’s Solid Stripes Shrug (online tutorial included!).

DEBORAH JARCHOW discovered weaving in 1996, when her life-long love of fiber, texture, and color came together. Since then, she has worked full-time as a weaver and artist, including teaching fiber arts, creating and selling wearable art, giving lectures, and showing in local, regional, and national exhibits. Her work has been exhibited at many galleries and museums across the country, including the Gerald R. Ford Museum. She has won numerous awards and written articles for national publications. Her work has been commissioned by many churches and is in many private collections. When Izzy Knits made the decision to feature weaving in our shop, Susan immediately connected with Deborah to seek her advice. Since then, she has been a huge help to Izzy Knits, and we love showcasing her patterns and hosting her classes. 

SUZANNE NIELSEN is a biomedical engineer currently working from home as a consultant. She lives just a stone’s throw from Izzy Knits, and has been an invaluable resource! With an amazing husband and young son, she enjoys living in southern California where she and her family bike and hike year round. If you ask her how or why she started knitting, she’ll say she can’t remember…but that she’s so glad she did! She first taught herself while she was looking for a job after finishing grad school. Today she’s hooked on both knitting and crochet. She also bought a spinning wheel, but admits that she hasn’t used it much because she’s too busy designing her own garments. In her spare time, she teaches classes as well. We met Suzanne at Stitches West 2018, and we’ve repeatedly said, “It was a God-thing” since then. Suzanne has been immeasurably helpful while we’ve been setting up our online shop. She knows yarn. She designs for knitting and crochet. And, having worked with many companies in the industry, she knows the people and the business.