Giving Back

"We are blessed to be a blessing." It's a common phrase, but what does it really mean? Over the past decade, we've come to realize that we (Susan & Dave) are incredibly blessed, simply by virtue of where we live, the education we've been provided, and the friends and family who surround us. As a result, we feel it's our responsibility to give back, using our time, treasure, and talents to help others. In our case, we may be relatively low on treasure, but we have time and talents to share!

For years, our giving took the form of administration and strategic planning, as we ran a local church ministry and helped a church community in Haiti develop a plan for financial sustainability. When we first scaled back our ministry efforts to launch Izzy Knits in 2018, we felt conflicted about focusing on our own personal goals, but, after a lot of prayer, we realized that our commitment to giving back doesn't have to end with Izzy Knits. Rather, Izzy Knits can be a launching pad for new initiatives.

Through Izzy Knits, we look forward to partnering with industry-specific and other initiatives like Knitted Knockers, which distributes hand-knit prostheses to breast cancer survivors. We also intend to continue our work in Haiti, though we haven't figured exactly what that will look like yet. One dream is to see weaving taught as a trade in the self-sustaining school we're helping to build there.

We hope you'll join us in considering how you can use your time, treasure, or talents to be a blessing to others in your community and around the world, because you too are "blessed to be a blessing".

Knitted Knockers

Haiti Ministry of Mariners Church