About Us

Izzy Knits is an online yarn shop which debuted in April 2018.

Owned by Susan and David Watkins, Izzy Knits is a virtual local yarn shop. Being an online-only shop was not our original intention—we had planned to open a brick-and-mortar location as well—but due to financial constraints, it simply wasn't feasible. Plus, we LOVE shows and festivals, and as an online store, we can participate in these types of events at will without having to worry about our shop "back home".

In addition to exhibiting at shows and festivals, we're looking forward to hosting a variety of pop-up events in our local area, including in-person shop days, specialty classes, field trips and retreats. What fun!

Another one of our goals is to bring more rigid heddle weaving to Orange County. It only took one class for Susan to get hooked on weaving, thanks to Deborah Jarchow's terrific instruction and the speed with which it's possible to complete an entire project. Now, Susan hopes to encourage more knitters and crocheters to try it, and promises to stock yarns that are not only great for knitting and crochet but are weaving-friendly too.

To learn more about us, the brands we carry, and the designers we work with, please visit the following pages: Our Story | Our Brands | Our Designers | Our Values


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