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Noro Magazine, Fall/Winter 2019

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If you're already a fan of Noro yarns, you'll love this issue of Noro Knitting Magazine (Issue 15). And if you've never tried knitting or crocheting with Noro, now's the time to start...

In this Fall/Winter 2019 issue, you'll find 31 new designs, many of which feature the Noro yarns we carry at Izzy Knits, including Ito, Kiri, and Kanzashi. All of the designs in this issue are for knitters. 

Includes 5 stunning designs featuring Noro's new Kanzashi, featured in the cardigan on the cover. 

Knitters of all skill levels will find something of interest, as patterns range from basic (1) to easy (8) to intermediate (18) to complex (4).