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Noro Magazine, Spring/Summer 2021

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If you're already a fan of Noro yarns, you'll love this issue of Noro Knitting Magazine (Issue 18). And if you've never tried knitting or crocheting with Noro, now's the time to start...

In this Spring/Summer 2021 issue:

  • 30 Laid-back Knits for Relaxed Living
  • It's a Wrap, One Shawl, Every Yarn
  • Beat the Heat — Soft Silhouettes in Summery Shades

Also included in this issue is Noro's incredibly popular Heart Scarf featuring 100% Wool Kureyon yarn (pictured on cover).

Makers of all skill levels will find something of interest, as patterns range from easy (12) to intermediate (13) to complex (4). Of the 19 new designs, six (6) feature crochet, which is the most crochet patterns we've seen in Noro Magazine in the past three years!

Featured yarns include: Akari, Silk Garden Lite, Mirai, Geshi, Taiyo, Sonata, Tabi, Tsubame, Silk Garden Sock, Enka, Kagikori, Nishiki, Silk Garden Solo, Kumo, and Kureyon.