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Susan Watkins

I'm a Fan! Dog Sweater

  • My goal, in creating this pattern, was to design a customizable sweater that can be knit at any gauge to fit any dog, using Izzy Knit's exclusive RUFF+TUMBLE DK or another DK weight yarn.

    The sweater, itself, is an easy knit. The stitches are simple: K, P, M1L, M1R, k2tog, SSK, K1f&b and German Short Rows What might be intimidating is the math. But trust me when I say, you can do it! Armed with a calculator and the step-by-step Recipe Worksheet included with the pattern, you'll have all the tools necessary to successfully knit a customized sweater for your furry friend.

    You'll learn the most about customization if you do the math yourself; however, we also provide links to the Recipe Worksheet online, either as an Excel file or Google Sheet. These spreadsheets will do all the math for you!

    Skill Level: Intermediate Intermediate 

    Available as a downloadable PDF.

    Knit in RUFF+TUMBLE DK. Shown in Silver Grey (MC) and Navy (CC).

    Read more about this sweater in our blog post: A Dog Sweater That Actually Fits!