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KFI Online Catalog

KFI Knit & Crochet Kits

Shop direct with Knitting Fever while still supporting Izzy Knits!

Now, in an unprecedented effort to help their local yarn shops, Knitting Fever has launched a portal for customers to SHOP THEIR CATALOG direct, while still supporting us financially.

Click here to go directly to KFI's Online Catalog.

Click here to visit our page explaining How This Works In greater detail.

It's a win-win! You get access to yarns and patterns Izzy Knits doesn't have the means to carry in-house, and we get credit for the sale, as if we had stocked it ourselves! 

Noro Dropship Kits previously listed individually at Izzy Knits are now available via the KFI Online Catalog, like the Noro Perfectly Square Throw or Noro Two Way Top.

Noro Kits still listed individually on the Izzy Knits website are kits we stock in-house, like the Noro Heart Scarf. [In some cases, like this, you may find the item listed in both locations, we Izzy Knits and KFI carry different colorways.]