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Milk (24Nm/4)

  • Featured in Interweave's Handwoven Magazine, this finer weight yarn is designed specifically with weavers in mind and is just one of the cone yarns offered by Bellatrista.

    Milk is luxuriously soft with an elegant shimmerThis unique, renewable fiber combines properties of natural and synthetic yarns, including strength and durability. It’s naturally wrinkle-free, antibacterial and antifungal like bamboo, and exhibits a luxuriousness similar to silk.

    Made with 100% milk protein, Bellatrista's Milk (24Nm/4) yarn is one of their most popular and produces strong, silky fabrics with glossy sheen and beautiful drape. Use it on its own or in a mixed warp or weft for a truly unique weave. 

    Takes acid or fiber-reactive dyes.

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