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Join Our Club for Discounts and Freebies

Join Our Club for Discounts and Freebies

I am so excited to announce the debut of Izzy's Fiber Fan Club!

For several months, we've been brainstorming and researching ways to reward our loyal customers…and we've found it. First, there's no commitment, and joining is absolutely free! But you must join. This is a purely OPT-IN program, because we value your privacy too much automatically sign you up.

What Is It and Why Should I Join?

Izzy's Fiber Fan Club is our way of saying THANK YOU to our customers. Known commonly as a loyalty & rewards program, our Fan Club provides customers with a way to earn points redeemable for exclusive rewards. Rewards may include $ or % off coupons, free shipping, free products, and more!

Izzy Knits Customer Loyalty & Rewards for Fiber Fans, Knitters, Crocheters, and Weavers

In addition to earning rewards, Fans become Izzy Knits account holders, which means they have access to their order history and can save up to 5 mailing/billing addresses, making checkout quicker and easier.

To help you get started, we've assembled multiple screenshots that will walk you through setting up your account, viewing available rewards, redeeming points, and redeeming rewards.

Since this is a pretty dense post, here's a quick look at what you'll find below:

  • It All Starts with the Club Dashboard
  • How to Join the Club
  • One Account Consisting of Two Parts
  • Accessing Your Fan Club Information
    • Earning Points
    • Redeeming Points
    • Referral Link
  • Use Your Rewards; Apply Your Coupon Codes

It All Starts with the Club Dashboard

Izzy's Fiber Fan Club Dashboard Icon launches loyalty and rewards program

For everything Fan-related, you'll start by clicking the purple icon that reads "Izzy's Fiber Fan Club" on the bottom right of your screen (shown in situ above and enlarged below). The Fan Club icon will appear on every page of our shop, on any device (computer, iPad, mobile phone, etc.). It can sometimes be a little slow to pop up, so if you don't see it immediately, just give it a moment. Keeping track of all our fans is a tough job!

How to Join the Club

Create an Izzy's Fiber Fan Club Account to earn points for rewards

When you click on the Fiber Fan icon, you'll launch the Club Dashboard (shown above, left column). Here, anyone with or without an account can learn how to earn points (Earning Fan Points), review what rewards are available (Redeem Fan Points), and see what benefits you'll receive for Fan Referrals.

The dashboard is where you'll sign up for your account and activate any points you may already have. What points, you ask? Current customers will already have points earned from previous purchases! And new and existing customers will receive 25 bonus points just for signing up. So, at the very least, you'll be half-way to your first reward immediately upon joining the club!

New customers will be asked to activate their account via email. You MUST click the link in the email to activate your account in order to receive points or rewards. Please check your junk folder if you do not immediately see the email. (In order to ensure delivery of important points- and reward-related communications, please add our email addresses to your address book.)

One Account Consisting of Two Parts

Izzy Knits Loyalty and Rewards Program for Yarn Lovers and Makers Crafters

Once you have an account, you will need to sign in to view your points and rewards. New Fans will have to sign in after their account has been activated by email.

Let me pause here for just one second to explain something. Once you create an account, that's it. You have only ONE account. However, your account consists of TWO parts…the Izzy Knits part and the Fiber Fan Club part. When you first sign in, you'll see the Izzy Knits part, which includes your address(es) and order history (shown above, right column). To get back to the Fan Club part, click the Fan Club icon at the bottom of the screen again.

HINT #1: The Izzy Knits part has a band of solid magenta at the top. The Fiber Fan part has a multicolored band at the top.

HINT #2: If you remain logged in, you won't see the Izzy Knits part again when you click the Fan Club icon. This only happens when you sign in after having been logged out.

Clicking the Fan Club icon when signed in will launch the Club Dashboard, where you'll now see your own personal points, rewards, and unique referral code (shown below, left column).

Accessing Your Fan Club Information

Friend Referrals Earn Points redeemable for rewards at Izzy Knits Local Yarn Shop LYS

Click on Earning Fan Points (#1 above) to see how many points you can earn for various actions/activities. Certain items will always be there, like "Joining the Club" and "Making a Purchase", but you may find other items from time to time. As the program matures, I envision adding more opportunities for earning points!

Click on Redeem Fan Points (#2 above) to see what awards are available and which awards you have qualified for. Here too I expect to add as the program matures! If you qualify for an award, you'll see a magenta REDEEM button next to it (shown above, right column). Click on REDEEM and this award will be added to your dashboard and the points will be subtracted from your cumulative point total.

On the Club Dashboard, under Referrals (shown above, left column, bottom), you'll find your unique referral code. When you make a referral, your friend will receive a $5 off coupon good toward their first order. Once they've made a purchase, you'll receive 50 points in your Fan account. Some code-sharing ideas include Instagram stories, Facebook groups, Zoom chats, on your website, email, and text.

NOTE: Friends must be NEW customers to receive the $5 off coupon. But we'll take care of that; you don't need to worry about it. Just share your code, and we'll do the rest.

Use Your Rewards; Apply Your Coupon Codes

Knitters Crocheters Weavers People Who Love Yarn Earn Points for Rewards

Once you have hit the REDEEM button next to an award, you'll see a new section has been added to the Club Dashboard…the Your Rewards section (shown above, left column, bottom).

Your most recent reward will be visible immediately. Click on YOUR REWARDS and a list of all the rewards you have redeemed will appear. (There's only one in our example above, but there could be more.) When you click the VIEW button next to a reward, your coupon code will be displayed. This is the code you will use to apply your reward to your purchase. You may copy this code and paste it into the appropriate field at checkout, or you can simply click the Apply Code button and the reward will be applied automatically.

NOTE: Only one code may be used at a time.

Susan Watkins

Susan Watkins

Prior to launching Izzy Knits in 2018, Susan worked professionally as a freelance marketing consultant, specializing in branding, graphic design, and copywriting. Today, she puts these same skills to good use at Izzy Knits, where she gets to delight daily in the fiber arts, satisfying her passion for color and texture. Outside of work, Susan loves to spend time with her family, including her parents, husband, and two children. She enjoys photography and travel, knitting to unwind, and serving the global Church in southern Haiti.